Social Community Portal

Organizations are all about shared values and communication with and between the orginizations members. In addition to the physical events that the organization puts on, it is also critical in the modern world to provide a online community portal where these sharing activities can take place virtually and each organization member as well as the organization managers have access accounts.

A community portal is essentially an interactive website with public and private areas, and a set of online web applications to facilitate the various activities required. The Coach Automator portal solution is a highly configurable and easily extendable solution which covers these aspects.

Some of the many supported portal applications and features are:

LMS - Learning management System

Training and education are core to any organiszations value proposition and growth strategy. And delivering e-leanring online is now an accepted and cost effective option.

LMS, or Learning Management Systems, are all about being able to manage lectures and students.

Features include:

Whatever you want to do, however you want to grow your business - we've got you covered!

Coach Automator are also licensed BAFA Management consultants in Germany.
 If you are based in Germany, you can take advantage of government subsidies for our consulting services for up to 90% of €3000.